Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January has come and gone....

So last post I was resolving to have my entire home organized by the end of the month of January. Unfortunately the day after I posted that goal my entire family got sick, we're still all trying to get over this yucky bug. . . and poor Clayton landed himself a trip to the ER only to be admitted into the hospital for the weekend on the 20th. :( Thankfully he is recovering quite well, but it was very scary. He kept vomiting over and over again and couldn't hold anything down. We got scared that he was becoming dehydrated because he was turning very pale and limp and couldn't nurse to re-supply his liquids. They put him on an IV for fluids and antibiotics and he started to bounce back pretty quickly after a days time, but he is still much more clingy and needy lately.
Needless to say, not much organizing occurred over here...but I did do a ton of disinfecting before the month of January was over. All of our plastic toys were thrown into the jacuzzi tub with bleach and Cascade and run with the jets to circulate and become germ free, the wooden toys were hand washed with dishsoap and dried, and all stuffed animals thrown into the washer with Bac-Out to kill all bacterias on them! It was a much more time extensive project than I had dreamed it would be and the kids have WAY more toys than I realized....many are going to be packed up to be put into rotational toy playing and some others may need to be donated!
Maybe this new month of February will be a better organizing month....we just need to get well over here first!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

Yesterday I began down the path of whole home organization. This is my goal: to organize the entire house in one month. This will take considerable effort, but I am determined to get my entire home orgnized and cleaned so that I can enjoy it, my babies, my husband, and maybe even do a little more crafting of items that I could sell online to help out our monthly budget. I plan to post images of before and matter how embarrassing they may be, because let me tell you....our house is a disaster zone, especially after a month's worth of last minute Christmas crafting! Hopefully the act of posting each day will help me to continue and not be discouraged! Even if I just do one drawer one day it will be an accomplished task!

Wish me luck, yesterday I worked on the master bathroom, but didn't get it completely done the way I would like. I will post photos soon.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Keelie's Big Girl Room!

Keelie slept in her big girl room last night for the first time! She slept most of the way through the night until 4:15 am when Daddy went in and laid down next to her, then she was up again at 6:15 am, not too bad for her first time alone in a big bed!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Uh Oh!

Keelie loves to say uh oh, but she always uses it at the appropriate time....except for when she intentionally throws things down for the sake of being able to say Uh Oh.
This morning, at breakfast, Rory was rubbing my belly and talking to the new baby on its way, and Keelie was watching tentatively from her high chair. Every time he said baby and was looking at my tummy Keelie's cute little brows would furrow and she would look at me as if to say "is he crazy!?!?" then she would give a half-hearted smile. When I explained to Rory what Keelie was doing as he was doing all of this he looked up at her and told her that her new little baby brother or sister was in Mommy's tummy, her first reaction was wide eyes and an enthusiastic "Uh OH!" It was so cute we had to laugh!
At the first ultra sound when she was looking at the little tiny dot of what was the new baby she decided it was a little doggy and kept saying "woof woof" each time we told her it was her new baby brother or sister. So at least we are making some sort of progress and she knows it's a little weird that there's a baby in Mommy's belly!

Definitely My Daughter!

When I told Keelie we had finished off the tub of ice cream she wanted to see for herself. Then she says "Uh oh," then she begins licking the inside of the ice cream bucket! After that she lifts it up and begins to drink from the tub, you know it is very important that you get every last drop of that Blue Bell ice cream out of each bucket!

Puppy Show